Investment consulting and projecting

Our Vision:

  • We are team of high educated young engineers
  • Open to learn all innovations in electrical field
  • Team oriented
  • Confident and assured
  • We share our experience and knowledge with our customers and partners
  • We are specialist in LV, MV, HV, special electrical installations and communications.

Our Future:

  • We are synonym of quality projects and innovations.
  • We are partner of the best architects in Bulgaria.
  • We are reliable consultant of foreign investors.
  • We are corporate partner of multinational companies.
  • Wherever something new in our field rise up you will find us.

Our Mission:

Our projects and consultations harness electrical power for high efficient and reliable use according wishes of our customers and resent standards in EC and BG.

Our Motto:

We are best in class!

  • positive thinkers;
  • decisive;
  • flexible.
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